Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dee Lays

I'm still working on "Spaceland." I've run into some events that've slowed me down, but the project is still on track to be finished. We're rehearsing a scene, and as soon as it is ready, we'll film. I am concerned about the appearances of the cast, shorter hair, tanner skin.

Technically, Final Cut Express compressed 1080p video, so I have to get the latest version on FCP. I bought it, but then returned it after learning that a new release of the software is imminent. Also, I lost a digital voice recorder, which I spent a week looking for until I finally reported it lost.

The benefit is that I've been able to rethink, rewrite and improve the process. The only thing I need is patience.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scene IV Shoot, Sunday Morning

This morning, we were able to complete filming Scene IV of "Spaceland." Here is a screen shot from the actual film.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scene IV, Film Session

Yesterday, we filmed (photos to come later) the bedroom scene of "Spaceland." This is the scene that begins to make the conflict of the story more clear in the film. I actually rewrote this short scene several times before it actually evolved probably to what it should have been all along. Yesterday, while filming I realized a couple of things. One, pre-production really pays off. Specifically, I'm referring to working and rewriting with actors to nail the performances. The curious thing is that neither actor nailed the scene perfectly during rehearsals, but by the time we started filming, it happened on camera. This, to me, is a fascinating genesis. It just goes to show how the combination of good luck, pressure to perform, practice, a live filming session, and good timing really can work together to create the moment that's necessary when you're filming. It's strangely humbling, and the thing I learned, if anything, is that in an artistic endeavor, it really pays not to force things, but to almost just have faith and let them happen.

The whole session with the actors was very interesting yesterday (and I want to talk about it more later), but also on a technical level I really began to see the benefits of shooting with the 5D Mark II. I was able to find some camera angles, and use it's low light capacity (with various lenses) to get a very distinctive look that's approbo for the film.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rewriting Scenes

I don't know what's happened to me lately, but I've been sort of bored by television in general. Occasionally, I'll sit down and watch a little bit of television, but I can't even get into shows that used to mildly amuse me. The only thing you'll catch me watchin' is Baby Looney Tunes with my son or Heroes on DVR the next day, but even that has me feeling a little "hard up."

Bored with television, I decided to rewrite some scenes in "Spaceland." Sometimes, it surprises me how much room for improvement there is in a script that I thought was "just fine." Now that I know the actors, and understand how they say lines, it it just suddenly feels inappropriate so I rewrite to suit their energy.

Today, I rewrote about three pages, and they were all pretty significant improvements It just goes to show that as long as things are in pre-production and production (at the same time), I need to constantly improve what I can while I can. If I wasn't bored by television, I would have a worst script to shoot.

Now, I truly know what people say that "it's the small things that count" and "it's in the details." It sounds like something trite to say, but it is quite valid. I'm not one to judge so I won't go as far as saying that tv is evil, but it sure sucks out our creative juices, and that is maybe a little bit evil ( if we really start to think about it).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Editing Sound for Spaceland

One of my favorite things about making this movie is working at a slow pace. It really gives me the chance to slow down, ponder everything, try again, then execute again.

Tonight, I'm working on the sound for scene II, and it's truly a humbling process, getting it all to sound professional (it's hard). I'm not shooting until Wednesday so I'm able to move forward with all that I have learned in terms of shooting and sound.

I know this sounds really boring, but the process is exciting for me because in the past, I felt like the process is what kind of stumped me. Now, well, I can certainly make a lot less excuses.