Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rehearsal Session #4, Scene 4

On Sunday, my sixteen-year-old assistant, Jonathan, sets up the camera for me on the ladder. This kid is good. He downloads the files off my camera into two separate sources for back-up during shooting, and he does other things I showed him how to do now quiet easily.

Tonight, it was my plan to shoot a scene in the film, but it became clear that sometimes being organized is just as important as being flexible (and prepared).

One of the mistakes I've made in the past is being in a hurry. Today, the actors who play the protagonists in the film, Samuel and Adria came, and we went over scene IV, the lines and I even rewrote some parts after they said it. It became a gradual process to understand the scene for them, and fine-tune the scene for the film.

By next week, we'll film the scene, while shooting a short scene on Sunday morning, along with some minor reshoots of scene II (from last Sunday).

By next Wednesday, I'm hoping to begin rehearsing the Therapist scene, which is perhaps the most difficult, and the longest scene. I know that at any point "the suspension of disbelief" can be lost in a film, and this is the place in the film, if anywhere in the film, it can most easily occur.

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